Alfredo Maestro, El Rey de Glam, 2014

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Here we have beautiful dark red with a clear nose of grenache fruit with hints of blackberry that was unmistakeable from the very first.
In the mouth we have a supremely juicy entry that is highly gulpable. Be careful or this wine will just disappear.
The incredible juicy nature of this wine comes from carbonic maceration, a style of winemaking most commonly associated with beaujolais production of a much lighter grape, gamay. Applied to the darker grenache grape, it makes for a plainly delicious, highly drinkable wine. Buy two or wish you had.
In the late mid-palate we see a smoothing appearance of the clay-like texture typical of other grenaches. Only as this proceeds to the finish do we find the grainier thickness, though muted, of an unfiltered wine. This wine sees no oak so, remember, fruit comes first.
The outrageous label (love it or hate it) seems to be a reference to the 4th single released by the collaboration between Dinarama & Alaska, two spanish bands from the 1980's. As the song says, Tu, tu eres el rey de glam; to translate: You, you are the king of glam.