Conventional Varietals but Unexpected Results

Posted by Kyle Bella on Nov 16th 2017

Some weeks we’re in for a bit of adventure when it comes to our wine tasting. Adventure doesn’t necessarily mean trying unusual varietals or tasting wines we haven’t had before. Instead, adventure i … read more

Great Value Spanish Sparkling Wines

Posted by Kyle Bella on Nov 9th 2017

RAW Wine Week is finally calming down, though we’ve not stopped tasting wines since Saturday night. As always, we have been particularly excited about Clos Lentiscus, not only for the quality of th … read more

Domestic Wines That Continue To Surprise Us

Posted by Kyle Bella on Nov 3rd 2017

Don’t get me wrong, I adore European imported wines, whether it’s a Vin jaune from Jura or a Sumoll from Catalonia. But sometimes the most exciting and unexpected wines are being made closer to home … read more

Not All Grüner Veltliners Are Alike

Posted by Kyle Bella on Oct 26th 2017

Grüner Veltliner is one of the most planted white grapes in Austria but these wines haven’t gained international renown until recent decades. Many have skipped Grüner in favor of other varietals, wh … read more

A Deep Dive Into Penèdes, Spain

Posted by Kyle Bella on Oct 19th 2017

Penedès is the official wine growing region of Spain located immediately to the southwest of Barcelona proper. It’s perhaps best known for its Cava production, but it also has a bounty of grapes, bo … read more