A Double Tasting: Six New Wines to Try!

Posted by Kyle Bella on Feb 22nd 2018

After we skipped last week’s tasting notes during a trip to Vermont (incidentally one of the hottest new regions for domestic wine production), we decided to come back this week with a special doubl … read more

A Week Without Expectations

Posted by Kyle Bella on Feb 9th 2018

This week we focus our efforts on three wines from Spain and Italy. These were wines that we didn’t know exactly what to expect as they evolved over the course of an evening. The end results were ov … read more

Old Grapes Meet New Winemaking Styles

Posted by Kyle Bella on Feb 2nd 2018

As we round out the first month of 2018, we’re already enamored by all of the wines we’ve tasted. We bucked the seasonal trends, traveled far and wide and shown that natural wine doesn’t necessaril … read more

Proving natural doesn't have to mean funky

Posted by Kyle Bella on Jan 25th 2018

This week’s set of wines had us deep diving into just two producers, but the three wines that we tasted were explosive in flavor, quite varied in their styles and a perfect example of what careful n … read more

To France and Spain We Go

Posted by Kyle Bella on Jan 17th 2018

As January slowly moves forward, we’re excited that things have finally warmed up a bit and we’ve got a bevvy of new wines in stock. This week we decided to focus on three French wines and one Spani … read more