Not All Grüner Veltliners Are Alike

Posted by Kyle Bella on Oct 26th 2017

Grüner Veltliner is one of the most planted white grapes in Austria but these wines haven’t gained international renown until recent decades. Many have skipped Grüner in favor of other varietals, wh … read more

A Deep Dive Into Penèdes, Spain

Posted by Kyle Bella on Oct 19th 2017

Penedès is the official wine growing region of Spain located immediately to the southwest of Barcelona proper. It’s perhaps best known for its Cava production, but it also has a bounty of grapes, bo … read more

Fall Into These Transitional Sippers

Posted by Kyle Bella on Oct 11th 2017

I’m not one to believe that certain wines are only for certain seasons. A rosé can be perfect when you’ve had one too many Syrahs in the winter. However, as we move into fall (or try to at least), the … read more