Day Wines, Skin Contact Tears Of Vulcan White Blend (2016)

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From the winemaker:

I love Sicilian wines and was thinking about the really fun, highly aromatized, skin 
contact whites made of grapes like Zibbibo when I decided to make this. I looked 
around the Willamette Valley and found a vineyard growing Viognier and Pinot gris 
and across the street another growing Muscat. I thought the combination of those 
three grapes might result in what I was after. 

I named it Tears of Vulcan because I was thinking of really the only thing Sicily and 
Oregon have in common, volcanic soils. Thus the god of volcanos graces the label. 
So, the fruit is from Le Beau Vineyard (the Viognier and Pinot gris) and Nemarniki 
Vineyard (the Muscat). I destemmed it and fermented it on its skins for 3 weeks, doing pigeage daily.

It got a little reduced during fermentation so I gave it long pump overs which blew it off. After it was 
finished with alcoholic fermentation, I pressed it off and put it into one new Russian oak puncheon with 
Acacia heads, and 4 neutral barrels. It went through MLF in these, and then I finally sulfured the wine and 
bottled it on June 19th 2017.