Fruktstereo, F.W.A Straight Outta Dalby (2017)

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Karl Sjostrom and Mikael Nypelius started Fruktstereo after working various jobs in restaurants. As most projects start they started small with apples from abandoned orchards and their own gardens. They expanded their production and now they make a wide variety of "fruit Pet-Nats" with fruit from their gardens, surrounding orchards, or leftover fruit from local farmers. Their cider, wine, perry (whatever you want to call it) is extremely raw and clean. Low ABV and extremely easy to drink while listening to your favorite album. Be careful what puns you let rip as you drink.

FWA Straight outta Dalby is made with a blend of apples including Igrid-Marie and Ribston that macerate for 2-5 hours. The trees are over 60 years old in this abandoned Dalby orchard. The result is a powerful and complex cider. "Damn that shit was dope"
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