Mezcalero Special Bottling no. 1

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Distilled in September 2013 by Alberto Ortiz (“Don Beto”) from semi-wild madrecuishe (agave karwinskii) harvested from a south-facing hillside of rocky calciferous soil at 5400 feet elevation, wood-roasted in a stone palenque, mallet-crushed, fermented with wild yeasts, double distilled using artisan methods in a 200-liter copper potstill. Exceptional flavor from the southern exposure. exceptional complexity from yeasts working amid hand-milled solids. exceptional finesse due to madrecuishe’s long stem: maturation in heat that is ambient, not reflected from sun-baked soil. these qualities, with the species’ typical citric acerbity, are focused to perfection by immaculate craft distillation at the hands of a master. 750 ml/ 49.6% abv.