Roots Tentura

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Distilling for over 160 years, Roots Spirits combines four generations of experience with an original inspiration in liqueur philosophy. Based in Southern Greece, the distilleries maintain a long established tradition of crafting the most exotic blends as well as redefining and shaping Greece’s most distinctive flavors. Every last drop of these drinks is made with 100% natural extracts, without any artificial essences or additives. The Roots philosophy is to offer true, pure and high quality tastes; derived from historic recipes, and refined through the years.
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1 Review

Ioannis K Aug 24th 2017

Best After-Dinner Drink Ever

Tentura is a little-known drink from the region of Patras in Greece. I've been drinking it for years and I liked it despite the slight aftertaste and the slight acidity. And then, last year, I tried the Roots Tentura. Oh. My. God. This thing is smoooooth. And not acidic at all. Just wonderful cinnamon and carnation flavors that make this go down very easy. I will never drink any other type of Tentura.

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