• Barr Hill Gin 375ml

    Barr Hill Gin 375ml

    Located on the banks of the Lamoille River in Hardwick, Vermont, Caledonia Spirits was established by beekeeper and naturalist Todd Hardie. By working closely with a network of regional farmers, he is able to incorporate their grains, fruits and bee hive...

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  • Bittermens Citron Hiver Amer liqueur

    Bittermens Citron Hiver Amer liqueur

    Sometimes you discover something amazing purely by accident. When Bittermens were first working on the recipe for the Amère Nouvelle, they had a bit of a slip up on one of their early prototypes. Basically, due to a dropped decimal point, they put in ten...

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  • Broc Cellars, Valdiguie Mockvin

    Broc Cellars, Valdiguie Mockvin

    This a humorous take on the French fortified wine from the Jura region called Macvin. Only here its made under the Californian sun using Valdiguie grapes and Chris Brockway's knowhow. While the wine does not find the same oxidative notes one might...

  • Brockmans Premium Gin

    Brockmans Premium Gin

    Brockmans is an intensely smooth Gin that tastes great over ice. The flavour notes that make Brockmans so distinctive are derived from an intriguing and unique bond of flavours. The Bulgarian coriander plays its part, with an aromatic–almost...

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  • Chichicapa Single Village Mezcal (NV)

    Chichicapa Single Village Mezcal (NV)

    Chichicapa has a relatively light nose, yet is deep and sweet on the tongue with a very complex character. It has a long finish, with a distinct smokiness and hint of mint at the end. Chichicapa is 2 hours south of Oaxaca, and 2 hours to the west on a...

  • DAristi Casa XTA

    DAristi Casa XTA

    Casa D’Aristi produces authentic, exotic and natural rum-based liqueurs at its home in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. The company was founded in 1935 by the Aristi family, with generations of dedicated family members and loyal employees devoting their...

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  • Delaware Phoenix Distillery

    Eells Tavern is a "wheat whiskey" aged in used cooperage (bourbon or rye barrel). Made from 80% organic wheat and 20% malted barley. The wheat comes Lucky Dog Farm in Hamden, NY, 10 miles down the road from the distillery. This spirit is named after the...

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