Cascina Val Liberata, Cenerina Slarina (2029)

Cascina Val Liberata, Cenerina Slarina (2029)

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Cascina Val Liberata is an organic and biodynamic farm set up in 2014 by Deirdre O’Brien and Maurizio Caffer in Villamiroglio, a village in the hills of Monferrato in Piedmont. It is located in a biodiverse valley surrounded by forests and fields, without the presence of conventional agricultural practices. The farm is made up of 10 hectares, of which 3.5 hectares are composed of vineyards. The remaining is made up of forest and meadows aswell as walnut groves and some vegetable cultivation.

We grow three varieties of grape: Slarina (1.5 hectares), Nebbiolo (1.5 hectares) and Grignolino (0.5 hectares). We constructed our vineyards following the aspect of the hills (giropoggio) and used chestnut posts in order to minimise environmental impact such as soil erosion.

We follow the biodynamic calendar and use biodynamic preparations to enrich the vitality of the soil. In autumn we plant a cover crop in alternate rows in order to create a green manure to improve the fertility of the ground. In winter we engage with each vine individually both to prune and tie it with willow. We use herbal extracts to reduce the amount of copper used in the vineyard. We also use a mix of natural sulphur (not petroleum derived) with bentonite clay and calcified seaweed to protect the plants form the range of cryptogamic diseases.

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