La Garagista Farm & Winery, House Music Pétillant Naturel (2020)

La Garagista Farm & Winery, House Music Pétillant Naturel (2020)

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Our wines are an expression of the season. Each vintage may herald slightly different bottlings, and even wines that we tend to make every year will show variation from vintage to vintage. This intrigues us. We work in the field and cellar as minimally as possible, as guides and companions. We believe that terroir encompasses geology, geography, microclimate, varietal, culture, and the human hand. Wine cannot make itself just like a dish of roasted carrots or an aged cow's milk cheese cannot. Our job is to accompany and support the wine throughout its life in the vineyard and our cantina. -La Garagista

House Music is a slightly sparkling wine from the wild alpine terrain that defines our homefarm and vineyard landscape, and speaks to the flora and fauna that we grow here, a love letter to our untamed country. Made in the ancestral method with a first fermentation in bottle, hand-harvested and unfiltered, this vin de jardin is grown in our tarden, surrounded by roses and apple trees, parsnips and wild chicory.

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