Dirty & Rowdy, Unfamiliar Mourvèdre (2017)

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For reds,2017 threw usinto unfamiliar territory, and wefought like hell to produce the best wine possible.This required us to put onmodernwinemaking hats -- some fermentationswere restarted, some volatility cleaned up andremoved, and then nearly everything was blended together and filtered. Our 2017 Unfamiliaris an emotional wine.It is a blend of100% of the following vineyards:Shake Ridge Ranch, Rodnick Farm (formerly Antle),both Skinner vineyards, Rosewood, Wonderment Rd., Alder Springs, and Brosseau. The final wine, the 2017 Unfamiliar,brings aromatichealing, salvation, and redemption.
Have you ever listened to The Devil Went Down to Georgia? Really,really listened to it?
The devil confronts young Johnnyand makes a wager with him fora fiddle of gold against his soul in anold timeyfiddle duel.The devil goes first and unleashesdeep, demonic funky lines, and lays down somenastygrooves.
Instead ofsurrendering and losing his soul,Johnny jumps up and caws,“Fire on the mountain run boys run!" while deliveringsome blistering fiddle of his own.
Defeated, the devil, hands over the golden fiddle,and Johnny triumphantly belts out,
"Devil, just come on back if you ever wanna try again, I done told you once, you son of a b****, I'm the best there´s ever been!”
The Unfamiliar is light red, and drinks like an exoticcross between our Familiar and Especial Mourvèdre wines. You maynever see this wine from us again so buy anddrink with gusto!

Grapes:85% Mourvèdre, 10% Syrah, 5% Grenache
AVAs:Monterrey, Mendocino, El Dorado, Amador Counties
Winemaking:100% whole cluster. Stuck lots restarted. Volatility reduced. Gently filtered. We made the .... out of this wine.
Farming:90% Organic / 10% Sustainable
Production:1971 cases of happiness
Closure:Sealed with a NomaCorc Select Bio closure. It is a plant based, carbon neutral, breathable, recyclable, cork alternative.
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