Béret et Compagnie, Ze Bulle Zéro Pointé (2018)

Béret et Compagnie, Ze Bulle Zéro Pointé (2018)

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2018 is 70% Cabernet Franc, 15% Gamay, 15% Grolleau.

A darkly-colored, sparkling rosé that is both tannic and vinous in the most beautiful way. The modest residual sugar adds to the complexity of this incredible bottle. The sparkle in the wine comes from a rather unique practices of capturing the residual CO2 from fermentation and then re-introducing them into the wine.

Ze Bulle is made by capturing the fermenting musts' own carbon gas given off as a by-product of fermentation and re-introducing it later. It is a technique Bruno got from the now retired Philippe Gourdon who made a similar wine at his domaine, La Tour Grise in Saumur. Philippe Gourdon was a outspoken proponent of biodynamic viticulture.

Philippe retired in 2015 but when he met Bruno and heard about his project he became a big fan. Philippe let Bruno take on Ze Bulle as a part of Beret et Compagnie because he believes the project is good for the region.

Think of Ze Bulle like a pet-nat of sorts. The wine is 9% alcohol and has around 60 grams/liter of residual sugar.

The Cabernet Franc came from Paul-Eric Chauvin (organic) and Jonathan Maunoury (organic).
The Gamay came from Domaine les Grandes Vignes (biodynamic).
The Grolleau came from Domaine Bois Brinçon (biodynamic).


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