Camuna Cellars, Mixed Dancing (2020)

Camuna Cellars, Mixed Dancing (2020)

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A bubbly blend of Seyval blanc and cider with a little bit of mead for funzies. Light effervescence. Straw, meyer lemon, dry and bright. Dash of white pepper. Tepache.

Native yeast fermentation, bottled unfined and unfiltered. Drink cool and without deliberation.


After a brief stint on a biodynamic vineyard in Australia in 2004, Eli Silins started making wine in California in 2013. He has long been interested in sustainable agriculture systems and the intersection of ancient and modern holistic farming practices.

In 2019 Eli moved from Berkeley, CA to Philadelphia, PA and took Camuna Cellars with him. He is currently exploring the bounty of the Mid-Atlantic and experimenting with grapes, apples, and honey and their various combinations... wine, cider, mead, cyser, pyment...

All Camuna projects seek to explore the question “How can humans be active partners in creation in a way that honors the natural world and the divine?” To that end we are committed to supporting best practice and regenerative agriculture and minimal intervention in the cellar. Our goal is to work with nature to co-create interesting fermented beverages that are good for the land, the body, and the soul.

Certified Kosher for Passover by Green Mountain Kosher.

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