Domaine Tetta, Chardonnay Perlant Diversité (2021)

Domaine Tetta, Chardonnay Perlant Diversité (2021)

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92% Chardonnay, 8%: Albarino, Pinot Blanc, Kerner, Auxerrois, Viognier, Gewurtztraminer, Chenin Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot, Muscat Bailey A

Winemaking: We co-fermented 10 different grapes in addition to Chardonnay. Even diseased berries with poor appearance were actively used in the wine as long as they tasted sweet enough. After pressing with a balloon press, fermentation proceeded in stainless steel tanks without temperature control, and at the end of fermentation, the wine was bottled without adding sulfites to make it a slightly effervescent type.

Tasting: Pale lemon yellow. Aromas of fresh yellow citrus, green apples, and toasty yeast. The wine is characterized by a refreshing acidity and gentle bubble without sweetness, and is pleasant to drink when it is lightly chilled. In addition to the fruitiness, the aftertaste is mellow and reminiscent of lees-derived yeast and grains, giving the impression as if you were drinking a craft beer.

Winemaker comment: This is our fourth season to make Chardonnay Perlant. From the timing of the harvest to the wine making, what is the best way for Chardonnay? We need to continue to face this question. The wine is not aged in oak barrels, so you can directly feel the freshness and fruity character of Japanese Chardonnay!

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