Etter, Framboise Raspberry Eau-de-vie Brandy 375ml

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In 1823, a Swiss farmer named Johann Baptist Etter created a clear, colorless cherry brandy called Chrieiwasserand. In 1870, Johann's son Paul relocated the family's distillery to Zug, where it still resides. By 1980, the Etter Distillery was the family's full-time business, producing more than 15 different types of fruit spirits at their ISO certified distillery in Switzerland.

Etter sources all their fruit from Switzerland and does not use bulk ethanol or chemical flavors.

Using traditional methods, the ripe fruit is fermented, distilled, and quickly bottled in order to preserve the freshness and aroma of the parent fruit. The Etter legacy of artisanal distilling comfortably rests with the fourth generation of the family.


Colour: Clear, crystal.

Bouquet: Seductive, fragrance of ripe raspberries, refreshing.

Taste: Full bodied and fruity with warming aftertaste.