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Franz Strohmeier, Schilcher Frizzante Rosé (2022)

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Schilcher is a typical product of the Styrian region, known throughout Austria, and frequently paired with fried chicken, a specialty of the region. It is made from a high acid red grape known as Blauer Wildbacher, and is normally commercially available as a still rosé. Franz has 3.5-hectares of this grape, the local indigenous variety used to make Schilcher wine.

Making of: the grapes are hand-harvested and destemmed, then spend 4 hours on skins. After soft pressing, the alcoholic and malolactic fermentations happen spontaneously in wooden barrels, where the wine then rests for 6 months. Secondary fermentation happens in bottles with added yeast and sugar, for a couple of months. No fining, no filtration, no added sulfites.

Personality: vivid, refreshing, invigorating.. you name it! Each sip of this light pink sparkler is like a splash of well-chilled fruit juice, with an electrifying acidic backbone. We’re addicted. In case you don’t finish the bottle on its own (doubt it), Schill Frizz is perfect with all kinds of friend dishes where its pleasant tart notes complement the fat beautifully.