Hermann Ludes, Thörnicher Riesling (2020)

Hermann Ludes, Thörnicher Riesling (2020)

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From Vom Boden:

”All the Ludes wines are time machines to a cooler world – and 2020 was a warm damn vintage! The Thörnicher is the ‘village-level’ bottling; it is always sourced from choice parcels in the Thörnicher Ritsch and Enggass.

The nose flaunts the perfumed notes of fermentation – again it is wildly floral, yet it also has for me the profound cut of slate in the nose, that rock-ness, a blunt, salty quality that is broad and undeniable. Despite the fact is has nearly 20 grams of residual sugar (Feinherb?), the wine feels much drier than that – the finish is grippy and textural. This is a fascinating wine – one of the more powerful and incisive wines of the collection – yet is it is not raging with acidity (the acid is in fact moderate at 6.4). Something about the wine – perhaps a shockingly low pH? – gives the wine an energy, lift and vibrancy that is spectacular. One of my favorites of the collection. 21.4g/L residual sugar, 6.4g/L acid and 10.5% alcohol.”

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