Hiyu, Tzum Eventyr White (2019)

Hiyu, Tzum Eventyr White (2019)

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Nate on this wine: “This is from a small parcel of Albarino at the rain forest’s edge, in the coolest part of the gorge. It’s always the last block we harvest. Even in a warm vintage, the wine retains surreal levels of acidity and the aromatics are correspondingly intense. In the very cool 2019 vintage, this quality was taken to absurd extremes. There are certain wines that we learn more from than others. Wines that cause revolutions within our approach in the cellar and vineyard. This is one of those wines. I don’t think most wineries would have picked this parcel. The acid was over 18 grams at harvest; a number way beyond anything we had ever seen or tasted. The transformation over the course of fermentation was nothing short of miraculous. Half of the acid was consumed, a lovely texture emerged and the resulting wine was one of the most stunning from the vintage. 

Grape: Albarino

Vineyard: Eventyr

Personality: “clear aromas of lime blossom, green peach and salt. The taste is incredibly pure; a distillation of alpine stream as wine,” Nate describes.

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