J&H Selbach, Funkelwürtz Zero [non-alcoholic] (NV)

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Region: Mosel
Grapes: 80% Muskateller, 20% Rivaner
Vineyard: Multiple
Soil Type: Slate, loess and loam soils
Fermentation & Élevage: Gentle pressing, stainless steel

“This is Johannes Selbach’s answer to the non-alcoholic wine category – Funkelwürtz translates to ‘Spicy Sparkler’ which is how Johannes told me that the wine tasted the first time he tried it. This is a slightly effervescent and aromatic wine from grapes grown in the Mosel. Johannes ferments the wine to around 30g/L of residual sugar. Johannes then sends the finished wine to a facility that uses membrane technology to remove the alcohol. This NA wine is refreshing, crisp, and very easy to drink while maintaining the complexity that the wines from Selbach are known for.” -Skurnik