Kolónia 52, Controlled Chaos (2022)

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Winemakers’ note: “Our idea of Controlled Chaos is an always-changing concept, based on the fusion of red and white varieties.”

Annamária first made a wine of this name and style on her own, back in 2019: “My life was a bit chaotic at the time, juggling many things at once. And since we found ourselves in a similar situation in 2021 – so many things the take care of, moving into a new winery, looking for a place to stay etc. – it felt very fitting to use it for our nascent red-white cuvée.”

Grapes: Pinot Noir, Furmint, Cabernet Sauvignon and a small quantity of unknown varieties from old bush vines.

Vineyards: Szent György hill. Volcanic basalt with limestone layers, sand and clay in between.

Making of: the grapes were early-picked. The Pinot Noir was destemmed and fermented 7 days on skins in open vat. After pressing, it went to a 600L barrel where it rested 8 months on lees. The other part of the cuvée is some whole-bunch fermented Cabernet Sauvignon and a small quantity of unknown varieties. Aged in 300L amphora topped up with some Furmint juice, until next spring. The blending happened two days before bottling, no additions incl. SO2, no filter or fining.

Personality: singing! a super fresh, juicy red with a wonderful crunch and low ABV (11.5%). “Easy-drinking” is an overused wine description these days but here it really fits 300% – the first bottle we ever tasted “evaporated” in like 5 minutes.