Kunoh, Convallaria (2019)

Kunoh, Convallaria (2019)

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  • Yuki Nakano is a former sommelier from Kyoto’s fine dining restaurants, which still shows in his immense focus on how wine works on the palate
  • He’s very fastidious about all aspects of wine, including his own palate – so much so that he eats only Japanese food, which according to him allows him to keep his tasting skills in top form.
  • Kunoh is a family name from his mother’s side, with only six people still carrying it in all of Japan, and Yuki has decided to keep it alive in the name of his wine
  • Before moving to New Zealand (where he works as assistant winemaker for Kindeli Wines), he’s made a couple of vintages in Japan and the Barossa Valley in Australia
  • Yuki is a big jazz music lover, with a collection of over 10 guitars, and is also a semi-professional dart and tennis player.


Varieties: Pinot Noir

Winemaking: Two-thirds of the grapes spent 5 days fermenting as crushed whole bunches skin ferment, one-third 14 days on the skins. Pressed, blended, aged in old oak barrels for 10 months. Bottled without filtration, fining or sulfur.

Personality: Like if Yuki’s Alstroemeria cuvée grew up a bit, went to a good school, and started to think about maybe moving to Burgundy? Refined, tannic, spicy with a promising future.

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