La Clarine Farm, Petit Manseng (2018)

La Clarine Farm, Petit Manseng (2018)

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Organically grown at 2900’ on volcanic loam soil, the P-Manseng set a normal sized crop of loose-bunched, tiny-berried, not-much-juice-in-there-at-all grapes. As the skin to juice ratio is out of normal parameters (although normal for Petit Manseng!), we very gently pressed the grapes into flextanks for spontaneous fermentation and aging. The wine somehow managed to complete malolactic fermentation and fell remarkably clear, and was bottled without fining or filtration.

This wine shows all the typical character of Petit Manseng - deep gold-green color, aromas of guava and pear, intense acidity and an amazing ability to age. Drink now for all it’s youthful glory, but set aside a bottle or two for 5, 6, maybe 8 years down the road. The wine pairs wonderfully with hard cheeses and spice Asian cuisine. Or oysters.

La Clarine Farm is the two-person team of Hank Beckmeyer & Caroline Hoël. We are refugees from the music business. We found a nice property at 2600 feet elevation in California’s Sierra Nevada Foothills, and have become totally enamored with our region.

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