La Garagista Farm & Winery, Vinu Jancu (2018)

La Garagista Farm & Winery, Vinu Jancu (2018)

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Our wines are an expression of the season. Each vintage may herald slightly different bottlings, and even wines that we tend to make every year will show variation from vintage to vintage. This intrigues us. We work in the field and cellar as minimally as possible, as guides and companions. We believe that terroir encompasses geology, geography, microclimate, varietal, culture, and the human hand. Wine cannot make itself just like a dish of roasted carrots or an aged cow's milk cheese cannot. Our job is to accompany and support the wine throughout its life in the vineyard and our cantina. -La Garagista

Vinu Jancu is an old Sicilian name for white wines made in an orange wine manner. This style has deep nobility with a long history in the European production areas of Armenia and Georgia, but also found in Italy, Sicily, and other alpine areas of Europe. The white wine grapes are treated like red grapes: the juice ferments on the grape skins and may remain sur lie long afterward, taking on more color (hence the orange), tannin, texture, and aromatics. This Vinu Jancu is made from La Crescent, a descendant of Muscat de Hambourg, and grown in the hills and valleys of Vermont. Hand-picked and hard-sorted, this honest, unfiltered wine was crushed traditionally and fermented on native yeasts at our cantina, and remained sur lie for the winter in glass demijohns.

We've been making Vinu Jancu since the beginning. Dare I say it's a flagship wine? A reserve wine. It's grown in the West Addison vineyard, on clay and limestone, on the edge of Lake Champlain, and is defined by the explosion of wild flora that grows beneath the vines, goldenrod, purple aster, daisy fleabane, and wild mint. This is a sun-kissed vineyard with lake breezes, perfect for a skin-fermented, more oxidative style of wine. The grapes ferment in open vats and starting with the 2018 vintage, the wine cycled through an amphora made from local Champlain Sea clays, the same clays the vines are rooted in, an amphora crafted by a ceramicist in Montreal.

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