Milan Nestarec, Melancholia (2019)

Milan Nestarec, Melancholia (2019)

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This wine is a special cuvée from a distinct part of Milan’s signature vineyard: “We usually use these grapes for TRBLMKR, blended with other parts of the same vineyard, but in 2019 this particular barrel kept being so different from the rest that I eventually decided to bottle it as a wine in its own right, because this material deserves it. It’s so… subtle!”

Label by Milan’s wife Mirka. The name refers to the introspection and silence that this wine encourages, as well as the claim, inspired by the iconic German band Einsturzende Neubauten and their eponymous album.

Grapes: 100% Neuburger

Vineyard: Mid-slope of our Slovenské vineyard, with less topsoil and higher calcium content than other parts. 20+ years old, estate-owned and farmed (certified Organic) by Milan & his team

Making of: Hand-harvested, foot-stomped, pressed the next day, on lees in one big barrel until spring 2022. Bottled unfined, unfiltered, unsulfured. 

Personality: Understated elegance, no shouting, more introspection and focus. Or a long, quiet conversation with a person you really enjoy talking to because of their outside-the-box views and human depths. “I could spend hours only smelling, searching, thinking about this wine…” the winemaker says – and it definitely is material for introspection, although we also had the experience that it’s so juicy that it can disappear in no time. This freshness also makes it ready for further evolution – Neuburger gets even more interesting with time.

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