Mythopia, Vagabond (2016)

Mythopia, Vagabond (2016)

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Hans Peter-Schmidt took over the production of these vineyards in Valais, Switzerland in 2004 and began converting the land to organics. Mythopia is a project designed to explore the effects of bio-diversity on wine production. Hans’ own words describe this project the best:

Facing the highest summits of the Alps, the steep slopes of the Mythopia vineyard have become a paradise, home to fragrant flowers, fruit trees, rare birds and more than 60 species of butterflies. It’s a vineyard exuding biodiversity where the ecosystem is sustained by a symbiotic network of uncountable species. The vineyard is no longer a hostile monoculture with naked soil but a beautiful natural system designed to produce grapes expressing the subtleties of its terroir. The soil is activated by accompanying plants and the air is full of the music of bumblebees and the perfume of wild blossoms. The grapes we harvest in Mythopia do not need any forcing interference with oenological substances. Our wines are made from grapes and air, nothing more.”

Fun fact: the 2016 vintage of Vagabond was harvested by the iconic Styrian winemaker and Hans-Peter’s friend Franz Strohmeier

Grape: Pinot Noir

Vineyard: 45 years old vines on calcareous-schist at around 800m of altitude in the Swiss Alps

Making of: The grapes are hand-picked and macerate slowly in Hans-Peter’s cold mountain cellar. After six months of maceration, the wine is aged for 38 months in 222 l oak barrels. The wine is bottled without fining or filtration and zero sulfur is added.

Personality: fresh and elegant, and oh so youthful… Red berries with earthy notes, dry tannins, a wonderful structure that carries the wine and you into a galaxy far, far away.

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