Olivier Horiot, Rosé des Riceys En Valingrain (2016)

Olivier Horiot, Rosé des Riceys En Valingrain (2016)

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Since 2000, we have been producing a Unique Range in Champagne of "Tranquil Wines" that represent the diversity of our Terroirs des Riceys and perfectly reflect the qualitative potential of our different countries: Rosé des Riceys "in Valingrain" and Rosé des Riceys "in Barmont", "Sketch" of Rosé des Riceys. Coteaux Champenois: Riceys Red "in Barmont" and Riceys Blanc "in Valingrain"

Since 2004, we have been developing under the brand name "Olivier Horiot" an original range of vintage Champagne wines, vinified and matured in oak barrels for one year on fine lees, in order to respect the fruits of the year and reveal each vintage as naturally as possible:
Champagne "Sap" Rosé de Saignée, Champagne "Métisse", Champagne "Sève" Blancs de Noirs, Champagne "5 Sens", Champagne "Arbane" Pure

Faithful to the spirit of my father Serge Horiot, co-founder of the Coopérative Viticole of Ricey-Bas of which we are also members, we keep the cooperative spirit very important to us and continue to develop Champagne of Assembly: under the brand name "Serge Horiot": Champagne Brut Tradition and Champagne Cuvée Prestige;

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