Orsi Vigneto San Vito, Colli Bolognesi Posca Bianco (NV)

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Country: Italy

Region: Emilia-Romagna

Grapes: Pignoletto, Alionza, Malvasia, Albana

SO2: Vintage dependent

Soil Composition: Clay, Limestone

Farming: Biodynamic (certified)

Age of vines: 15 to 40 years old

Fining/Filtration: Unfined/Unfiltered

Fun facts: The Posca project began as a simple farm wine you could come refill at the Bologna market. But then something happened: "At a certain point, I finished most of the 2008 and just decided to fill the tank with some 2009. We still had some 2009 by the time the 2010 was ready, and I started blending again. By 2011 this became an intentional pattern and I became a fan of the results. I started looking into vino perpetuo, which turned out to be an ancient technique practiced by some contemporaries, for example Francesco Guccione in Sicily. The wines have become so good to me that we decided to start bottling it." Because the wine is a multi-vintage perpetual wine, Federico marks the bottling date on the back of each bottle. A Posca was the daily ration of wine accorded to Roman soldiers.

Winemaking: Spontaneous fermentations in various vessels (botti, cement, qveri, stainless steel) with variable amount of skin contact. Whenever a batch is bottled, wine from each vessel is added to the pertual tank, creating an ever-evolving, multi-vintage blend. S02 use depends highly on the sanitary state of the grapes. Some years none will be added, others other a couple grams per hectoliter will be added on the harvest, other times at bottling.