Radikon, Bianco Jakot 1L (2013)

Radikon, Bianco Jakot 1L (2013)

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Country: Italy
Region: Friuli
Color/Style: White
Grapes: Tokaj Friulano
SO2: No sulfur added to the wine
Soil Composition: Shale, Clay
Farming: Organic (not certified)
Age of vines: 30 years old on average
Fining/Filtration: Unfined/Unfiltered
Fun facts: The name "Jakot” is bit of an FU to the EU's ruling that the word Tokai/Tokaj was banned from being used by any wine outside of Hungary. By spelling it backwards, those in the know can tell this story and we can all laugh at the pettiness of bureaucracy. The wine is released in 500ml and liter formats each vintage. Stanko believed that the 750ml size did not provide the right amount of wine for two people to share at dinner. Therefore, he wanted to bottle all of his wines in liters and half-liters so that two people could then have a half liter of white and a half liter of red. In studies that he conducted with a cork manufacturer, a custom cork for these two bottles was designed that gives the optimal surface-to-air permeability ratio for aging their wines. It is a narrower, smaller cork than the classic model. In deference to this cork, Stanko himself created a prototype bottle from silicon for the new liters and half-liters, and then had them manufactured at a local bottle factory.
Appellation: Venezia Giulia IGT
Winemaking: The grapes are destemmed and gently crushed with a pneumatic press. The juice is placed in old Slavonian oak vats and fermented with native yeasts. It macerates with the skins for around three months (however long it takes to reach total dryness) with no temperature control and no sulfur. The wine is then racked and aged on its lees in huge Slavonian oak casks (25-35-hectoliters) for 3-4 years and racked twice a year before bottling. The bottles are aged for several years before release.

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