Ruth Lewandowski, Anos (2023)

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“This tropically electric number is a blend of three grapes off of the heralded Fox Hill Vineyard that all end in the letters ‘ANO.’ The assemblage and subsequent naming epiphany was born late at night while carrying out one of my favorite tasks as a wine producer - simply tasting through the cellar. While clamoring all over stacks of barrels and and towers of tanks, I noticed these three lots all next to each other...Trebbiano, Friulano and Montepulciano. I couldn't help but giggle as I said them all in an exaggerated Italian accent and promptly mocked up a blend of the three to see what it might look like. Sometimes inspiration comes in the simplest of forms and the results are anything but straightforward. I stopped right there, put down all the winery paraphernalia and danced around to no song at all. This wine makes you wanna mooooove, I think you'll agree. It's VERY reminiscent of POG. Passionfruit Orange Guava. Intensely fresh and imminently drinkable, we've come to say that this particular wine is 'built for speed,' hence the 1970's racing stripe label art. Everything you want, nothing you don't need. Light and lean. With this wine, it's all about smiles per gallon. Step on it, won't last long; not in the glass, nor in our warehouse.“ — Evan Lewandowski