Simon Bize & Fils, Savigny-lès-Beaune Aux Grands Liards (2018)

Simon Bize & Fils, Savigny-lès-Beaune Aux Grands Liards (2018)

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Aux Grands Liards is just below Les Lavieres, a premier cru site. The vines were planted in stages between 1938 and 1979 on limestone soil, marked by reddish clay gravel. The wine has more backbone and tends to be more of a masculine expression of Pinot Noir. It is a 1.60 hectare parcel.

Aux Grands Liards was one of Patrick Bize's favorite wines in the cellar. It was also the first parcel the family owned.

The domaine’s history begins in 1880 in Savigny les Beaune. Since then, the following generations have each contributed their hard work and knowledge to the development of the domaine.

1880, Great Grandfather Simon Bize owns a few vines; it was a difficult time in the viticultural world where all work was done by hand.

1918, Grandfather Simon Bize takes over and is able to purchases some new parcels. Horses and the arrival of new agricultural materials make vineyard work less difficult.

1950, Father Simon Bize is instrumental in the transformation of the domaine. An excellent winemaker, he decides to market his own wines, believing in the personal relationship between ‘winemaker and consumer’. His know-how allows him to establish a network of private customers and restaurants. The quality of his wines is recognized and appreciated by wine connoisseurs.

1972, Patrick Bize accomplishes his father’s projects. He builds a vinification facility (cuverie), expands the cellars and purchases new parcels, permitting him to propose an extended range of wine to the public.

Throughout the domaine’s history priority has always been placed on wine quality; the utmost care and attention focuses on vineyard work and winemaking.

Today the domaine is composed of 22 hectares (52.8 acres) and the future looks bright. Where will we be in 50 years?

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