Tetramythos, Sideritis Nature (2020)

Tetramythos, Sideritis Nature (2020)

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The brothers Aristides and Stathis Spanos, having grown in tis area, found it absolutely natural to be involved in grape growing and wine production early in their lives.

They adopted organic farming and despite their other activities, the love for the vineyards and wine led them to more dynamic activity. The aim is the production of quality grapes with organic cultivation, and the application of innovative techniques in viticulture to produce quality wines. Ones that express, ideally, the unique terroir of Aigaleias, while also having special character. Tetramythos is a winery in perfect harmony with the natural environment: Functional, without reminders of any industrial space. A boutique winery crafting organic wines from the mountains of northwestern Peleponnese.

In 1999 they meet Panagiotis Papagiannopoulos, an oenologist ,who also comes from the area, and they produce the first bottles of Tetramythos. In the years that follow new vineyards are planted and in 2003 starts the construction of a tasteful winery which is completed in 2004.

Another young winery founded in 1999 by the brothers Aristides and Stathios Panos, it offers a splendid range of impeccably made wines from both indigenous and international varietals at improbably low prices. The mind-boggling vineyards rise to elevations of 1000 meters, ensuring that diurnal temperature range that is so often the lodestone of quality in Greece. Enjoying unique limestone soils and making wines only from free-run juice, Tetramythos offers a finesse and purity that are unexpected at this price level. The “Natural” series wines are made according to some biodynamic principles e.g. the whites are harvested, pressed and bottled on flower days, and the reds on fruit days.

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