OAX Original, Tepeztate Mezcal

OAX Original, Tepeztate Mezcal

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Our search for Beauty begins in the semi-arid Central Valleys of Oaxaca, where the three varieties of agave used to distill OAX Original grow wild, for a lifespan of 12 to 25 years.

After foraged, the hearts of the agaves are slow cooked in the ground with oak and mesquite for up to 8 days, stone ground by horse, then wild yeast fermented in pine barrels and double distilled by the third-generation Maestro Mezcalero Enrique Hernandez Zenea.

OAX Original is made in small batches, to preserve raw beauty, the wilderness, and the pure craftsmanship behind each bottle.

Tepeztate: A mezcal of pristine, bright and dense body, with intense citric aromas that develop into a subtle smoke and wet earth taste. These flavors result from the maturity of 25 year old plants. There is a warm and refreshing lasting sensation in the palate after drinking Tepeztate.

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