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Gordon Graham's Original Black Bottle Blended Scotch Whisky

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Every great story must find its beginning. A spark that shines from the darkness and someone willing to reach beyond the ordinary to clutch it. For those inquisitive souls, the reward is Black Bottle; a dram so curiously rich and delicately smoky, that its family recipe has been shrouded in secrecy for over 130 years.

Master Blender, Gordon Graham, toiled night and day on his new creation. And as he poured a glass for his brothers, they were overwhelmed by what they found. The air filled with a heady blend of aromas - from fresh floral scents to the very deepest, oaky notes. All carried on spice-flecked wisps of delicate, peaty smoke. Slowly, they raised their glasses to indulge in their first sips and instantly the silky, mellow notes of fruit struck them. Perfectly balanced with the smoke-fringed flavours of sweet oak and honey; it was a sensation like no other.

Fresh and floral, this whisky displays aromas of smoke and freshly sawn oak. The palate is silky and mellow, with notes of peat, honey, nutmeg and pepper.