Celler 9+, 3r Selecció Tarnoja (2021)

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This wine is made from a special clone of Cartoixà (the local Tarragonese name for the typical Catalonian white grape Xarel•lo), the Cartoixà Vermell (or Xarel•lo Rosado) whose berries have a reddish skin color. The perfect material for a skin contact wine!


Making of: the grapes are destemmed and macerated for 32 days at low temperature (between 15-18ºC). Once the maceration is finished, the berries are gently pressed, and the wine ages on the lees for about 9 months in stainless steel tanks. The wine is bottled with a small percentage of its lees to improve the evolution of the wine over time. No fining or filtration, no sulfur added.

Personality: the image of spending a childhood in a Mediterranean village! Peaches, apricots, hazelnuts, quince, honey, dried fruit; the palate is generous, well-structured, and offers crunchy tannins and refreshing citrus hints. Best served well-chilled, with the lees decanted if you prefer.

The Celler 9+ vineyards are located only a few kilometers from the Mediterranean coast and benefit from its warm and mild climate – there’s enough rainfall, and the constant breeze called Marinada cools off and dries the grapes, helping them to stay healthy and ripen evenly.

The farm focuses on indigenous grapes and maximum sustainability. As Celler 9+’s winemaker asserts, “Our philosophy is that the future will be environmentally friendly and sustainable … or there won’t be one at all.

Besides grapes, Moisès’ farm also cultivates other traditional Mediterranean crops like olives, carob and grain.

The name Celler 9+ refers to Nou de Gaià, the village where the winery is located – Nou in Catalan means New and also the number nine. And the plus sign symbolizes positivity and the will to grow.