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Champagne Jérôme Lefevre, Sans Titre #1 Coteaux Champenois (2020)

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Seeking to further push experimentation, Jérôme Lefevre started a mico-negoce in 2017 called Champagne Jérôme Lefevre. Rated X (named in honor of the Miles Davis’s album) is a wine without dosage but full or residual sugar backed with acidity. The Coteaux Champenois Composition #1 is made from red grapes vinified white and aged in barrels with some oxidative moments through the aging. Continuing with the Fukuoka principals of farming (no tilling, no pesticides, no fertilizer, no weeding, no pruning), Jérôme has created two cuvées even more avant-garde then Champagne Delalot. As Champagne changes, Jerome is at the forefront of a new generation of wine producers that offer us wine lovers with that thrill of a first-time discovery. 

Native yeast fermentation and malolactic fermentation in wood; aging for one year in 3 years old barrels. During the second fermentation, more sugar than the normal was added at the bottling to provide more sugar than the yeasts could consume.  Watching the result during a one year and a half period.  The aim was to have sugar from the beginning of the process instead of a dosage. Bottling took place in July 2018 and Rated X was disgorged in January 2021 without dosage.
Age of Vines: Planted in 1971

Appellation: Champagne

​Village: Charly sur Marne 

​Soil Type: Mostly Sandy

​Vintage: NV

Alcohol: ​12%