Clairin Le Rocher, Pot Still Proof Rum

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Clairin Le Rocher is produced using syrup made from the varietal Cristalline in Saint Michel de l’Attalaye. Syrup is brought to the distillery and diluted until the brix level is advantageous for natural fermentation with the natural yeast of the area. During the very long fermentation, dunder from the previous distillation is added to boost the level of flavor intensity. This method was developed in Jamaica to produce extremely high flavor rums which became famous throughout the world’s blenders markets. Distillation with dunder was brought to Haiti in the mid-1700s, when Jamaican distillers came to consult with local Haitian producers in a small pocket in the north of Haiti. Today, this style is unknown outside this small area, but in this region we find a historical example of the influence of British Jamaica and stylistic production.