Denis Montanar, Toy Wine Vino Frizzante (2018) 1.5L

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Denis Montanar descends from a family of farmers who have worked this domain in Friuli for four generations, and the vineyards, the oldest dating back to 1920 and never exposed to herbicides, have been grown organically since 1996. The domain benefits from a unique micro location that is exposed to winds from the Adriatic Sea, just a few miles south, and protected by mountains in the north. The grapes are hand-picked, and wines ferment only with indigenous yeasts (sulphites are never added during fermentation) and are never clarified or filtered. The minimal treatments are all natural with only sulphur and copper used in low dosages in the vineyards and the production is contained by thinning out the vines twice. The domain complies with La Renaissance des Appellations Charter of Quality, meets bio-dynamic standards and is certified organic by IMC - Istituto Mediterraneo Certificazione.

30% Friulano, 30% Trebbiano, 30% Moscato, 10% Chrardonnay. Base 2018 vintage but blended with previous vintages solera-style. Zero dosage.