Domaine Novice, Boutasse (2022)

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Domaine Nøvice is a relatively new domaine in Poligny from Yves Roy. Yves came to the Jura in 2014, first apprenticing under Valentin Morel before striking out on his own, purchasing 5ha of beautiful, often extremely old vines of Savagnin and Poulsard on the hillsides surrounding the village. He has since converted all his vines to organic and is in the process of planting new parcels to Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Trousseau, which should begin to yield significant quantities in 2025.

Yves’ goal is to capture a pure expression of this exceptional and nuanced terroir with zero hinderances or intervention.

There are no additions of any kind in the cellar or the vines, nor does he fine or filter the wines, or use any other form of intervention in the ageing process. Fermentations take place in large vats, and the wines then generally age for about one year in barrels before bottling.

Yves oozes humility and passion, and certainly transfers this mentality into his vines. He purposefully chose the name Nøvice to emphasize that he is a relative newcomer to winemaking, and that mastering a craft is a lifelong process, rather than a definable point in one’s life. The journey is just beginning for Domaine Nøvice, and we are thrilled to explore what comes next for this deeply compelling project.

Boutasse is 100% Chardonnay, bottled unfined and unfiltered with no added sulfites.