Domaine Signadore, Iniziā (2020)

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Certified Organic. 90% Minustellu & Aleatico (majority Minestullu) 10% Rimenese, Genovese, Bianco Gentil. Sourced from Golf de Bastia vineyard on sandy alluvial soils. Aged 11 months in stainless steel. Approx annual production: 80-90 cs. Christophe Ferrandis (Clos Signadore) grew up spending summers with his uncle in Borgo, just a stone's throw from the Mediterranean, when it was still very rural/agricultural, despite being a 20-minute drive from Bastia, Corsica's second largest city. The Inizia parcel was planted on his uncle's land. He sees the parcel as a research project for forgotten Corsican grapes - specifically from Haute Corse. Co-fermenting the white and red harkens back to how wines used to be made in Corsica, and throughout the Mediterranean. The idea behind this project was to return to his roots: making a wine using native Corsican varietals, in his spiritual home on the East Coast.