Enoliti Botanici, Enolith Berbere Perpetuo (NV) 500ml

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Known by the name of Medicated wines or Vinous tincturesEnoliths are born with Hippocrates, who dresses the wine with nutraceutical characteristics, thanks to the use of the same as a solvent to obtain the extraction of the active ingredients from medicinal plants, producing a curative and considered medicinal elixir.

Among the preparations still allowed in the artisan herbal laboratories, the BOTANICAL ENOLITHES are produced in our laboratory, with cold maceration, without the addition of pure alcohol, sugar and other adjuvants permitted by law. Daily milling and tastings allow us to observe the extraction levels lot by lot, giving a high variability to this drink that reflects the craftsmanship of its preparation.

We only choose wines from the world of "natural", artisanal wines and from small Sicilian and non-Sicilian peasant realities. The recipes are the result of continuous research that starts from ancient herbal formulas and have as their primary objective the creation of a final product that has an intrinsic curative purpose, the result of the skilful combination of the botanicals characterizing each of our Botanical Enolito. The plants used are all TT (herbal tea cut), organic and produced with a static oven drying method.

Since ancient times, wine has been used mixed with other ingredients. Sometimes for the mere pleasure of changing and enriching its taste. Sometimes as a means of promoting the body's assimilation of medicinal substances. In this way, enoliths or medical wines are obtained, which become pleasant medicines, which lift the spirit and directly influence the physical state of health.

The wine: Perpetual Method of Inzolia, Zibibbo, Grillo, and Catarratto. Aging in Marsala pipe. First harvest in 2003. Winemaker Vincenzo Angileri of the Viteadovest estate in Marsala, Sicily.

The botnaics: Cinnamon bark, cloves, ginger root, licorice root, lemon peel, rosemary leaves.

Function: Tonic and invigorating.