Forthave Spirits, FOUR Floral Bittersweet Liqueur (375ml)

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“The genesis for FOUR began in the spring of 2020 when we distilled génépi flowers for our seasonal aperitif. The result was a beautiful and very compelling spirit that inspired us to distill more individual flowers: lavender flowers grown by our friends at Goode Farm in Ballston Spa, cherry blossoms from the Hudson River Valley, elderflowers, chamomile, rose petals and more.

The next step was finding inspiration in the classic white, bitter aperitifs of France and Italy. Blending in extractions of bitter roots would give this floral liqueur another dimension, both grounding and framing it. For this purpose, we turned to the dried roots of Gentian. Sourced from the slopes of extinct volcanoes on the Massif Central in central France, the gentian roots are macerated in a steel tank for several months, imparting depth and complexity to FOUR. It was then sweetened with a combination of grape must and raw cane sugar before being left to rest for several months prior to bottling.

FOUR begins with a bouquet of floral aromatics that jump out of the glass, develops into a pillowy sweetness on the palate and finishes with a balanced, bitter ending. It can be used in place of a floral liqueur such as elderflower liqueur or in lieu of a white bitter like a Gentiane. It makes a beautiful  aperitif when topped with soda water or sparkling wine, in a white Negroni, over ice, or neat.” – Forthave