Forthave Spirits, Mithradates VI Vino Amaro (750ml)

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Inspired by one of the most famous elixirs of antiquity: Mithridatum. For nearly 2000 years, it was sold and consumed as prescriptive medicine and an elixir of long life. It was used well into the 19th Century, ingested by Julius Caesar, Charlemagne, and Queen Elizabeth I among others.

The recipe is attributed to Mithradates VI the king of Pontus ~ 100 BCE, and contained aromatic and bitter herbs preserved in red wine. Although Mithradates worked in secret, the original recipe is believed to have contained more than 50 ingredients.

The recipe for Mithradatum was referenced widely in texts by Pliny the Elder, Plutarch, and Galen. It is with a nod to this history that we created our version of a digestivo inspired by Mithradatum.


As a vino amaro, Mirthadates VI has a vinous quality and is fortified with 34 botanical extractions. With notes of fig, cardamom, cedar and mace, it can be enjoyed many ways: neat, over ice and an orange twist; with a splash of club soda or tonic water as a refreshing spritz; or in the place of red vermouth in many cocktails.