Gem & Bolt, Mezcal (200ml)

Gem & Bolt, Mezcal (200ml)

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88 Proof
100% Espadin
Oaxaca, Mexico

GEM&BOLTis a clean spirit with a smooth profileandsubtle botanical notes resulting in the perfect mezcal.

GEM&BOLTis a small batch joven made with perfectly ripened, late harvest, 100% espadin agave from the central valleys of Oaxaca, Mexico.GEM&BOLTis deeply informed by hundreds of years of tradition, using no artificial yeasts, additives or chemicals.

The pĨna is slowly wood-roasted in conic earthen pitsandmashed with traditional tahona stone. It then goes through a natural fermentation in oak vats. The first distillation is in small copper stillsandthen rested (not aged) in oak barrels for 3-6 months.

During the second distillation, using our proprietary stainless-steel copper alloy still, the damiana herb is introduced as the agave spirit’s vapors pass through the botanical basket releasing the damiana’s essential oils. This process highlights herbal notes of Chamomile, balanced by a well-rounded roasted agave profile distinct to artisanal mezcals from San Dionisio Ocotepec. Damiana is a traditional Mexican herb long-revered by the MayaandAztec for its myriad of mood-elevating properties. This beloved heart-opening herb perfectly complementsGEM&BOLTresulting in a unique composition of biosphereandnatural elements promising only the highest quality mezcal.
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