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La Perdida, Vino de España A Seara (2020)

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Nacho is a natural winegrower working 3 small, old-vine plots (1.5ha total) around the town of Larouco, located in the Valdeorras wine region (although Nacho chooses to work outside the DO, as his non‐interventionist approach and subsequent wines do not fit the more conventional Valdeorras offerings). The age of his vines range from 40 to 70 years old, with the oldest of his holdings coming from his grandmother. His approach to farming is to treat the vineyard as an ecosystem – allowing growth between the vines, the use of some biodynamic practices, and planting cover crops to help with disease pressure and pests. Fermentations are in clay vessels or open-top barrels with whole grape clusters, and elevage is in old French oak, with no racking or clarifying, and only a touch of sulfur added at bottling if needed. The resulting wines are pure, gripping, unadulterated expressions of old-vine Valdeorras terroir.