Luxardo Original Maraschino Cherries Jar 14.1 oz. (400 g)

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This Luxardo maraschino cherries jar is a decadent way to add a touch of luxury to your cocktails, desserts, and ice cream sundaes. Featuring Luxardo sour marasca cherries that are candied then steeped in cherry juice, these cherries are a step above the rest. The beautiful, natural, dark red hue is almost black and is free from preservatives. The result is a sweet and tart cherry with a deep flavor that is the perfect way to enhance your cocktails and desserts! This product comes in an easy-to-open jar with a screw top, resealable lid. Each jar contains approximately 60 cherries, and the 14.1 oz. size makes it perfect to keep behind your bar for easy access.

Use these cherries to add the finishing touch to signature cocktails by swirling it in a Manhattan or garnishing an Old Fashioned on a skewer. You can also use them to garnish desserts like classic chocolate ice cream sundaes with whipped cream or cherry vanilla cupcakes. You can even use these cherries to make a signature dessert by dipping them in chocolate and sprinkling them with chopped nuts! Once you have used all the cherries, the sour, fruity syrup is an amazing addition to cherry flavored cocktails and mocktails, with no preparation necessary. These Luxardo maraschino cherries are sure to be a hit at your bar, restaurant, lounge, or ice cream parlor.

Luxardo maraschino cherries have been produced according to an old family recipe passed down since 1821. The family-owned distillery originated in Croatia and was then recreated in northeast Italy after escaping World War II. The Luxardo name is now a staple in bars and restaurants world wide. Made in Italy and ideal for cocktails, Luxardo cherry products provide the luxury and rich flavor your customers crave. Add Luxardo brand to your establishment for a wide array of fruit garnishes, liqueurs, and spirits made in the style of centuries old tradition.

Suggested Recipe: Manhattan
1.5 oz. bourbon whiskey
1.5 oz. sweet vermouth
0.5 oz. Luxardo Original Maraschino Cherry Juice
1 dash of Angostura bitters

Stir and garnish with lemon zest and a Luxardo original maraschino cherry