Matchbook Distilling, Sweet Triumph Peated Cask Apple Brandy

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We have family ties to Indian Ladder. Literal ones. So even though Matchbook received the fresh pressed juice from the farm cidery, this is a bottle that starts at home. Sweet Triumph is a nod to the fruit its made from - a blend of dessert and eating apples.The juice began its wild fermentation somewhere between the farm and the distillery, finishing out in our 600 gallon fermenter. The cider was then double pot distilled and stored in a 5 year old Laphroaig cask.  Wood aging is a much revered and little understood transformation whereby the spirit absorbs phenolics and organic volatile compounds, the later of which can react with the spirit to form new esters. Phenolics are aromatic compounds with very high boiling points — meaning they don’t make it through the distillation process into the spirit. So wood aging is a traditional way of adding those layers of complexity in.  Esters are aromatic compounds that our noses are very sensitive to — so even though their levels are very low, they can provide profound depth of flavor. Esters are primarily produced during fermentation and then during the barrel aging process. Common esters have aromas of bananas, apples and florals.An apple-y campfire awaits you in this bottle. Happy Autumn!