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Mimo, Blancas Criollas Valle de Ica (2018)

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José ‘Pepe’ Moquillaza is a Peruvian Wine & Pisco maker. Everybody knows him as a "Liquid Story Teller" as every bottle that he makes tells a real story not only a fantasy. When he started in the spirits world, he focused his efforts in rescuing Quebranta grapes and ‘falca’ still pots for Pisco making. Now he is rescuing ‘criollas’ grapes and Peruvian clay vessels (botijas or ‘piscos’) for natural wine making. In the beginning, he was producing wines from the desert and wines with influence of the sea. And today, he has a new challenge, to explore new terroirs between the Peruvian coast and the Andes mountains, and to search passionate people in love with wine and antique making techniques.