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San Zanj, White Haitian Rum

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  • Unaged, blended rum produced by Zanj Rums in Haiti
  • Sourced and blended by Berling S.A., a family-run distilling company based in Port-au-Prince with a distillation lineage dating back to 1862
  • Combination of clairin (rum distilled from local sugarcane juice and fermented with wild yeast) sourced from two separate producers; these expressions are blended with another unaged rum distilled from sugarcane, sourced from a third distillery
  • All rums in the blend are distilled on creole column stills in the area surrounding Port-au-Prince
  • A shimmer of hogo introduces a palate of fresh green olives and a lingering finish of saline, fermented plantain, and lime zest
  • 43% ABV