Shania, Monastrell 3L Box

Shania, Monastrell 3L Box

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Four generations, one name. Since 1916, when Juan Gil Giménez had the winery built, only one clear idea has moved the following generations in charge of the same: Doing a good job and being prideful of the Juan Gil name and commercial trademark.
Juan Gil Guerrero, a founder’s son, firstly, and then his grandson Juan Gil González, improved and consolidated the winery, applied the traditional knowledge of their job transmitted from parents to children. Nowadays, the fourth generation, linking the tradition with the technical revolution, is the one that enjoys the result of the work done by the predecessors.
The international recognition of the quality of our wines is summarized in the name of Juan Gil.

The Winery:
Since the building of the new winery many things have changed. The new way of making wine needs technology: rigorous temperature control of wine, stainless steel tanks, and excellent hygienic conditions throughout the process, assures each year the quality levels.
But wine is not only "made" in the cellar, the first is the vineyard. Therefore, the situation of the vineyard, next to the winery, allows comprehensive monitoring of the evolution of the grapes needed to obtain a great wine condition. It’s a new age, with new wines and a mixture of old vines and new techniques.
Bartolomé Abellán is the enologist and who coordinates the rest of the technical divisions of the GFE group.
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